Lone Mound Ranch

I truly thrive on positive feedback.  When clients are happy with my work, it is the most gratifying feeling! Lana Flint from Lone Mound Ranch asked me to design a metal sign for her ranch in Shamrock, Texas.   She hung her sign yesterday and sent me a picture along with the nicest recommendation.  Here is what she had to say:

“When cultivating the diverse resources of Lone Mound Ranch I had a fairly clear vision of the image I wanted presented. Though I personally had very little experience with social or print media, I gave Diane a few specifics and a whole lot of creative freedom over the phone. It amazed me how quickly she was able to get proofs in front of me that required little to no alterations. Diane’s ability to capture my vision without extensive communication and time on my part spoke volumes to me about her experience, creativity and professionalism. From a couple short conversations and a few emailed pictures Diane produced business cards, fliers, social media imaging, vehicle signs and signs for our property, some of which required customizing text to get our unique cattle brands replicated. No muss no fuss, pleasant, precise, lightening fast, efficient, accurate and excellent would be a quick summary of my experience. As a loyal client of Busy Bee Inspirations we will be adding hats and T shirts to our line of advertising. By choosing Busy Bee I’m free to focus on what I do best with full confidence Diane will completely handle promoting and imaging our business with class, which is very important to me. And let me say… Business is Booming! Thank you Diane, you are truly a God send!!”

Lana Flint
Lone Mound Ranch

Thank you Lana!  I enjoy working with you and look forward to helping you with all your endeavors!  Learn more about the Lone Mound Ranch here: Lone Mound Ranch

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